‘King of the World’

I went to see James Cameron’s Avatar this past weekend and couldn’t help but appreciate the irony. One of the previews before the flick was Shutter Island, a Martin Scorsese thriller starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. I thought of how that young actor’s career has fared since screaming from the bow of Cameron’s Titanic just over a decade ago. Titanic, at the time, held the record for being the most expensive film ever made, now Leo’s preceding the latest ‘most expensive film ever made’. I haven’t followed Leo’s arc of success that closely but it seems Cameron was responsible for jettisoning him into super-stardom. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Cameron’s latest offering won’t be launching the careers of any rising stars or starlets – unless, of course, you’re on the creative render staff at Weta Digital.

What say you?

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