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Clint Eastwood

This soon-to-be 80 year-old actor/director/producer has had quite the career. Lately he’s had such a string of directorial successes some people probably didn’t know he was ever an actor. I’ll never forget the first Clint Eastwood movie I watched. It was probably one he’d just as soon the world forgot, but in ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ the orangutan-owning, biker-loathing, prize-fighting trucker Philo Beddoe epitomized the Eastwood toughness factor in nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt. All things considered, the gravely-voiced machismo of his character was what typified a lot of his later roles and seeing it almost every other day on HBO made it a cult hit with us boys growing up. It wasn’t exactly the most impressionable program for an eight-year-old to be watching, but let’s be honest, Clint Eastwood could beat the crap out of Sesame Street.

What say you?

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