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When The Going Gets Tough…

Few things test the will of individuals like stress and hardship. The old saying ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ is often more true than most realize. I’m counting the many blessings I have this day because I have my health and the love of family and friends surrounding me. When things get tough I know I can count on them for support and prayer. I’m not one to give up very easily when thrown a challenge, but I also realize that I can’t do all the pulling by myself. I’m forever grateful to all those that choose to pull with me, keeping me from being dragged through the muck and mire and to the good Lord above who supplies me the strength to make all things possible.

One reply on “When The Going Gets Tough…”

When I read your comment today I am reminded that I need to let go of “rope of life” and not hold on so tightly. Indeed our strength and our very being comes from our life source and Saviour Jesus Christ.

What say you?

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