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iTunes in ’84

When it comes to buying music, kids have it so easy these days. My son got a few iTunes gift cards for Christmas, so when he wants to buy a song he simply asks me and I download it for him (after scouring the lyrics for anything potentially harmful, of course). Just click and a […]

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“Real” Frustrating

I can only think of maybe two years of my childhood where we had a real Christmas tree. Real trees are, without a doubt, the most beautiful, traditional and aromatic seasonal centerpiece to a home’s decor during the holidays. For some reason, those Christmases as a child seemed extra magical, perhaps because it was something […]

Christmas holidays memories

Plight of the Gingerbread Men

Christmas goodies! Everybody loves ’em, nobody really needs ’em but the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without them. Here’s to mothers everywhere who bake enough homemade favorites to feed a small township. Exaggeration? Hardly. I know moms who had to resort to stashing baked goods on the upper shelves of the garage until Christmas.