Frivolous Font Feature


Thanks to the affordability of font building software, there’s a wagonload of free typefaces out there for computer users to choose from. Some good. Some not. Today’s featured font has enraged many in the design community for its blatant overuse. If you’re susceptible to using this particular typeface just remember, every time you ‘pull the trigger’ a cowboy cashes in his chips and buys the farm.

Free Typeface: Chasic New

Last night, my youngest son, Chase, had an unusual request. While reading one of his ‘Big Nate’ books, he commented on how time-consuming and difficult it was to make a comic because of all the illustration but especially – the hand lettering (he had worked on his own comic page earlier in the day, so he was talking from experience). He asked if the ‘pros’ had their own typefaces based on their handwriting to make the process easier. I told him, ‘most likely’, and he followed up with, ‘that would be cool to have my own typeface’. I told him he could.

An hour or so later, we arrived at the typeface that he named himself: Chasic. I made some modifications and added to his character set, but thought, why not offer it to anyone who wanted to use it. I asked his permission, of course. If you’d like to download it simply click on the hyperlink below. Enjoy!

Chasic New.otf


Watch Your P’s and Q’s

I always thought the adage “watch your P’s and Q’s” had everything to do with letters. In the early days of printing the fact that the lowercase ‘q’ and ‘p’ were mirror images of each other would create mass confusion with early foundry type setters – or so I assumed. Turns out, supposedly, that the admonition was a phrase that originated in the world of beer. Rumor has it that brew pubs had to remind gluttonous patrons to keep track of their mead consumption. To assist in the task a chalkboard marking a customer’s ‘pints’ and ‘quarts’ drank was utilized. Interesting. I wonder which is the actual truth.