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Mediocre Merch

It’s the annual football match-up for all the marbles – the National Football League’s NFC-AFC Championship Game; the Super Bowl. Part of the excitement behind this event is the marketing and advertising surrounding it. Many years the commercials are the MVPs, but what always intrigued me was the Super Bowl logo design. Every year a […]

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Praying for Victory

I hate to admit it, but I’ll be cheering for the Purple and Gold today. Deep down inside there’s the boyhood Viking fan who grew up disillusioned and disappointed with the team he claimed to love. A victory today would consummate and appease that part of me that always dreamed of seeing the Vikes go […]

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Mark McGwire confessed to using steroids during his major league career yesterday. Yes, I know. It comes as a huge shock to everyone, I’m sure. What a fool I was for thinking it was common for all MLB players to be built like the Hulk instead of regular men like Maris. What really breaks my […]

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SKOL Vikings!

My oldest son, Mason, is a devout Bears fan (I think he still is) so Sunday afternoon’s Vikings – Bears game was a must watch. “Just-like-a-car-wreck” must watch. After several fits of anger followed by tears, we had to remove him from the game all together. We all knew the Bears were going to eat […]

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Disciplinary Football

Despite Vegas odds, it was upset Sunday in the NFL with several teams having their W and L columns adjusted. Among the most gratifying of wins was Green Bay’s 17-7 triumph over “America’s Team”. Statistically speaking the numbers weren’t very lopsided but between fumbles and turnovers (thanks to Woodson’s MVP performance) the Packers threatened the […]