mittyOne of my family’s favorite movies of late would have to be Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Aside from a catchy soundtrack, the story is inspiring and motivational. I think one of the central themes of the film is that it’s okay to dream, but until you start moving forward with a plan to accomplish your dreams, that’s all they’ll ever be.

Recipe for Saving

It’s no secret that dining out too often will help your wallet lose weight. This familiar mantra is one of the many ‘battle cries’ of Dave Ramsey, financial author, radio talk-show host and motivational speaker. If you’re one of the millions who tunes in to the Dave Ramsey Show you know all too well how often the rice and beans ‘diet’ is prescribed to financially-strapped callers as a means to a wealthier, healthier lifestyle. Dave recommends a simple, six-stage “baby steps” formula (based in part on the debt snowball method), which includes avoiding all debt (except for certain types of home mortgages) and investing conservatively —  advice he more affectionately refers to as ‘grandma’s common-sense’.

If you’re new to Dave Ramsey, or even a long-time listener of his radio show, you can attend a Dave Ramsey Show Simulcast on Saturday, October 6th. Visit this link for more details. 

Lose that Spare Tire!

Another season of “The Biggest Loser” has started on NBC and the cast is heavier than ever. I’m amazed at the amount of weight some of these contestants have lost in just seven days. I’ve always heard it’s not healthy to lose more than two pounds a week but this week some guy shed a record-breaking 34 pounds! The weight loss on the show may be overly dramatic (and dangerous) but I guess what it promotes is admirable – a lifestyle of healthy eating and living to manage weight.