Surly Commission

I was contacted by a Surly representative in mid-April asking if I would be interested in contributing to a North Dakota Surly launch poster. The commission was to help celebrate what is unique about our state in an edgy, non-traditional way as part of Surly Brewing Company’s distribution launch into our great state. Myself and two other artists (“Punchgut” – aka Matt Mastrud – and Nathaniel Navratil) were selected to contribute to a commemorative three color screen printed poster that will be distributed at select locations. After accepting, I had a week to come up with a rough sketch of an idea and another week to complete the finished art. Because I was assigned the western third of the state, I chose themes and images representative of western North Dakota. On Wednesday, June 8, I will be in Fargo with Matt and Nathaniel to help sign the finished posters at Surly’s Art Release Party at the Hotel Donaldson. It should be a lot of fun.
FirstFinal_Surly surly-nd-art-release-poster-low-res-5_27a

Angry Leprechaun

This aggravated little ginger is just a snapshot of a side project I’m doing for a good buddy of mine. I already feel like I’m spoiling a surprise by showing this much, but I wanted to see what color would do to my rough sketch of the concept. Aye, the bloke’s already threatened me with the bizness end of a shillelagh if I keep running me mouth aboot it.