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Pumpkin Spice

The onset of fall brings about many seasonal changes. The leaves change colors, the temperature dips and it’s mandated that pumpkin spice be added to everything. I don’t recall this flavor obsession as much last year, but now it seems to have saturated everything we eat and drink. The standard Thanksgiving pie flavor has now invaded lattes, creamers, alcohol, waffles, oatmeal, toaster pastries, […]

comeback Hollywood movies

Indispensible Expendability

  I couldn’t help but chuckle in 2010 when I saw the trailer advertising ‘the Expendables’. Looks like Stallone took all that pent-up testosterone left over from the 80s to recruit a roster of action-hero poster boys to star in some age-defying feat of heroism. I was admittedly ‘kind of’ intrigued. Last week the second […]

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Praying for Victory

I hate to admit it, but I’ll be cheering for the Purple and Gold today. Deep down inside there’s the boyhood Viking fan who grew up disillusioned and disappointed with the team he claimed to love. A victory today would consummate and appease that part of me that always dreamed of seeing the Vikes go […]